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Questions we get asked many times:

1. Do you guys do pick up in person?
- Yes, we do.

2. Do you ship out of the States?
- No, we do not. We also do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, PR, or Guam. For Hawaiian customers, we do ship merchandises but not live fish (you need your own import license to receive fish). More information is in our Policy page.

3. Can you hold my fish for a few weeks because my tank is still cycling?
- We can only hold up to a week since the day you place an order. Fish are shipped out every Mondays. We can hold and ship out the next Monday.

4. Can I request a specific fish?
- As of right now we do not do that. Feel free to send us a picture of your dream fish then we can try to see if we have them in stock or in the next shipment. 

5. Can I come to see the fish room?
- Unfortunately, we are home business. We do not allow any guests over due to the pandemic. We also do not have a storefront so everything will have to be viewed online. 

6. How to care for my bettas?
- Please direct yourself to our Betta Care section in our website.

7. My personal fish is getting sick, what should I do?
- We do not use any chemicals. We only use salt and a lot of almond leaves with some special care such as lower water level, feed less, leave fish in the dark, keep their water clean. Therefore, we cannot recommend any medicines for your fish. For more information, you can try Youtube or Facebook groups.

8. How do I breed bettas?
- Unfortunately, we only sell bettas for display. We do not guarantee if your fish will breed well. It depends on many factors such as how you condition the fish, if the fish like each other, food source, water condition and many more. Breeding process is your responsibility. Please do research from Youtube or Google.

9. Where did you get your fish from? Did you breed them?
- We import most of our fish from Vietnam. We do not breed them. We only breed sometimes.

10. How old is the fish?
- Most fish will be between 13-15 weeks old. We do not import older fish because they will not last long. If you try to breed them, the result will be lower rate.

11. Can I pick up your graphic shirts, sweaters, mugs?
- No, those products are Print on Demand. Once you place an order, our printing company will start to print them and ship them to you. We do not have those products on hand.

12. How do I use my Reward points?
- First you have to sign up for Reward program. Every $1 you spend on our store is 1 points. We check out the program to see what we offer. After you have enough points, you can redeem it and use the code for your next purchase.

13. What is your Dead On Arrival policy? (DOA)
- Please view it inside our Policy page.