Brian Nguyen is an Vietnamese American, located in San Jose, California. He started the hobby with just one betta. Days went by, he kept searching all over the internet and the local stores for new betta fish to bring home. He wanted to see different types of bettas everyday so an idea came up. He started to import bettas from oversea and slowly his business grew. With all the trust and support he earned from his customers, in 2017, "Bay Area Bettas" was born. 

Brian Nguyen also has massive love for digital arts, and Japanese tattoo arts. In 2018, he worked with a talented graphic designer from Indonesia, Daniel Aurora Ramalvin, to create his own clothing line and launched it on his Etsy Store. His Print-On-Demand apparel & accessories also be available now on our website.

Brian has been reselling his bettas on Instagram, Facebook, Ebay. In October 31st, 2020, His own website www.bayareabettas.com officially launched.

As a long time aquarist or a betta collector, you should know how troublesome to import a betta fish from oversea, including the stress from worrying if your beloved betta can make it through the long traveling time. With all the fees and transhipping costs you have to go through, right here at Bay Area Bettas we already take care of that. We hope to provide beautiful bettas to everyone with reasonable costs. We hope our bettas will be such wonderful gifts for your beloved ones.


Bay Area Bettas